The current pandemic has delivered a serious blow to small businesses across America. Nail salons are among the businesses that have taken a major hit during this time. The owners of nail salons across America are facing heaping financial challenges as they try to tackle the economic downturn and comply with the orders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Many nail salon owners were frightened by the shutdown that was imposed on nail salons when the pandemic began to spiral out of control. Some have reported that the challenges have been exacerbated with the reopening in recent weeks. What has made reopening a challenge for many nail salons is the task that they have to keep up with the guidelines of the CDC. The number of customers permitted in stores has been slashed while the expenses of each establishment have increased. Some companies have reported as much as a $600 increase in expenses as they try to comply with the stablished protocols by purchasing costly protective gear.

This increase in expenditure comes as nail salon owners continue to struggle to meet their rent obligations. Some owners have celebrated the fact that their landlords have decided to wave a month or so. Others have reported that their landlords have permitted them to delay the payment of rent. Regardless of the grace extended to nail salons, it is still difficult for many to stay afloat during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Some entrepreneurs have reported that business has dipped by as much as 50% of what they were experiencing before the coronavirus pandemic. Even with nail salons being permitted to reopen in recent weeks, the business continues to fall. As a result of how difficult times have been, many nail salons have had to cut back on staff.

Nail salons have joined the cry of many businesses across America who are hoping for the country to quickly overcome the pandemic and regain its former economic glory. According to a Goldman Sachs study, more than 50% of the small businesses that participated in their recent survey shared that they would not be able to continue their business operation for more than three months if the state of things does not change.

As we all continue to battle this monster of a virus, small businesses are closing doors all over the world; nevertheless, some establishments are pressing on despite the challenges. On such company is Nail Box. This company continues to offer nail services within the parameters of the state-set protocols and guidance from
the CDC.